Friday, December 4, 2009

Ritual killing of Victoria in "Twilight"

So much happens in the Twilight series; the Mormon suggestion of the vampires, the bonding with Native American intuition - Bella is Brahma, the benign vortex between Vishnu (ascending karma - Edward and the vampires) and Shiva (receding karma - Native Americans; the meeting of the Three in Italy (as Jesus and Abraham met the Three) but what I think is most significant is the killing of Victoria. There is a strain of the English civil conflict between Puritan moving to Unitarian and Mormon and heading west when the Anglicans appear in New England threabouts. But Victoria in astrological lore is the Third Mother - the death Mother; the world conquerer at the end of the age of Pisces. Pisces was a yin age - an earth and water age. The vampires here are benevolent and responsible - like Mormons, family and honor oriented. But before the new age - aquarius rises, the Third MOther - Kali must be ritually put to rest - that is the poin tof the Twilight saga; the destruction of Victoria, the third mother, so the first mother - the white goddess, can rise again.

If pop culture brings an archetype forth this series has taken hold of a generation. The ritual destruction of Victoira, the third mother, will allow for the awakening of the First Mother - the Earth Mother incarnate awakening in the new astrological cycle. That is perhaps the terror felt for Sarah Palin; she is representative of the first mother. Victoria dies in book three - the movie should be out in a year.

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