Sunday, December 27, 2009

Eyes in the Sky

This from the dome in Hagia Sophia - viewed from any angle the curved ceiling takes the shape of an eye:

This the Aspe in St. Catherrine's in Sinai, Eygpt, year 565;

Abbess Hildegaarde's eye appears to be blue man - the Christ - coming from the Sun; blue in art or black suggest comeing form Unconscious time (Khrishna translates, "dark one") - 12th century. Black Elk also spoke of the "blue man" in an apocalypic dream:

Jefferson's oculous at Montecello; an eight-sided figure; a Bagua, like the hadron colloder, which is also an eight-sided figure and an oculous:

Pantheon's occulous - "eye" searches here as in UFO mythology and pop fiction:

Close Encounterrs - same "eye of God" called a moment in the history of religionritic Stanley Kaufman by c:

Oculous in UFO culture ofpost-war:

I think this picture of the Hadron collider is fantastic as it is presented as an eye in this photo in an angle much like those as St. Sophia in Constantinople. The subtitle says: "It's going to fucking kill you dead." The same fears were present as in the 1950s UFO art. We were not told when it would start but on that morning my wife had a dream that she had a baby.

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