Monday, February 14, 2011

Ursa movet molem

"She bear moves the world."

This - the carving in stone of a Russian bear gently moving a ball (the world)- should be considered the rise of Dov Ber of Mezeritch and the rise and return of the orthodoxy to Israel - the restoration of Temple Mount and the "return of the king" will result from that. This carving of the "female bear" - the yin wisdom - on C.G. Jung's crypt in Bollingen which he carved himself. He saw himselph as the spiritual colleague of Dov Ber.

Here is another, Nikolsburger Rebbe of Monsey:

The carvings on Jung's crypt include a horse - Pegasus - considered to be the harbinger of Aquarius. The pimary elements of rising aeon Aquarius should be considered the rise of the Mormons (yang) and Hari Khrishna (yin - including the very popular Dali Lams)- as Tibet is dispursed to the western states (" . . . land of the red faced men" in its prophecy) Jerusalem is reconverged with restoration of Temple Mount and rise of king.