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This picture of the Grande Synagogue in Paris explains the symatries

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Entering Aquarius with Battlestar Galactica

Aquarius – Mentioned here over time two things: One starting past Jung’s UFO myth essay we have entered a “returning to earth” mythology with pop culture like “Lost” and a TV show “Survivors” – they show earth as newly discovered and strange, like planets were in the early UFO culture. And in this period all last century we rise – assuming here that the pop culture is the na├»ve dream of the  times – up to space with Captain Kirk and find the Tao in Obie wan Kenobi – but there in our times an end piece and companion piece to these two. Battlestar  Galactica. What is fascinating about Galactica is that it is searching for the strange planet “earth” so it is a primary “returning” myth. My kids gave us Netflix at Christmas and we have been  watching it. It is addictive. (We put it off for years because it sounded “Mormon.” But the current version with the elegant Number Six in the red dress was  written by someone else.) The story is about an ancient race of humans in space seeking earth (this story was originally conceived by a Mormon and humanity coming from space is coherent with Mormon philosophy). The “others” are called cylons. They are a race created by “humans” who took their own freedom and then declared war on the humans. Throughout, there are people on the  ship who discovered that they are “really cylons” much to their chagrin, and they try to be more “human.” And incidentally, this is a primary Aquarian myth as the commander is named Adamo and his son Appolo; Adam and Appolo seek  earth. Then at the end of the third season a melody infects the ship and certain people are affected by it as if led as if by a muse. The song is Bob Dylan’s “All along the Watchtower” – made popular by Jimi Hendrix. The cylons are the hippies; the redeemers of the humans or the distroyers. This completes the “returning to earth” mythology and begins “time” again on the planet as per lore of Battlestar Galactica.

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Galactica - a myth of "returning"

RE  white buffalo in Connecticut. Amazing how this has gained popularity in the last 15 years since the birth at Janesville. There are a number of what I call Aquarian myths in our times most all about rising to the sky then returning to earth, the "return" said Whitman, when ". . . The true son of God shall come singing his songs." We rose up with Star Trek and encountered the Tao with Star Wars while away from earth. We have been watching the current Battlestar Galactica - seems like Star Trek was rite of entry to the new era Galactica is the rite of exit of sky period. Most interesting, the Galactica journey is journey home, to the mysterious planet "earth." This birth in Connecticut seems likewise a "rite of exit" of the beginning and transitional period of the new millennium.

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Polar bear in "Lost" - symbol of rising Aquarius

Much I wrote about “Lost” a few years back but failed to mention that this, primary of Aquarian myths in the first days of the millennium, contains not only the essential pouring of the water; Jack’s final act in “the unconscious” is unstopping the water to bring the curing waters, as per Pegasus’s role, but the singular totem animal of the age. As fish identified the Christ in the age of Pisces, bear – Ursa Minor - the constellation which in our times swirls around the North Pole, in Lost, the mystery animal is a polar bear, symbol of the rising age (see below). “She bear moves the world, Jung carved on his crypt.

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Myers-Briggs analysis: Long cultural cycles in history

“Lao Tsu said that all very large countries will become feminine meaning sensory/feeling in Myers-Briggs terms (earth/water) but in Lincoln's time America was small and NY was just beginning its economic rise. The Comanche wars in west Texas only ended in 1880. But bigness became the world model after the northern victory. England was able to remain "small" in world conquest by demanding that Brits abroad remain in culture and could for long sustain thinking/intuition (air/fire) but the rest of their conquests -Africa, India, China had long become earth/water (sense/feeling) and were vulnerable to conquest by the smaller English force. But by the end of Victoria's realm they had become sense/feeling and were vulnerable to the acute thinking/intuitive (air/fire) apparatus thrown together almost overnight in Germany. Likewise the conquest of China by the lightning strikes of Ghengis Khan. Toynbee makes the idea agreeable to understanding that in political time Yang becomes Yin - the Roman military aparatus became the Roman Catholic Church – and how Eastern church Constantinople yielded to Islam, a potential fate for childless Europe. Post war Europe likely felt Germany and the Balkans would blend as a strong force watching the rise of the U.S; but U.S. is new world with its own karma and mantras. But Europe has likewise become sense/feeling in a very short time. Following the Keynsians principle I guess Greece was supposed to become more "German." But as Lao Tzu suggested it would go the other way. American bigness is an illusion. It was all a classic economic arc rising classically from 1953 to 2007. Something else will happen in the world now and in America.

America today is at the apex of sense/feeling and  vulnerable to a intuition/thinking conquest. In psychological terms it is likewise possible for a small band in intuitive/intellectual (sky/fire - yang) to master a broad yin (earth/water - sense feeling) field.

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Aquarius rising, Ursa Minor

Aquarius, Ursa Minor, Dov Ber, Temple Mount

In commentary below RE C.G. Jung's carvings on his crypt, the phrase "Ursa Movet Molem" which translates to "She bear moves  the world" should be understood to mean the age of Aquarius rising indicated by the star constellation of Ursa Minor, "the bear" rising to polar position. Jung clearly suggested Aquarius by the other carving, the horse, Pegasus, avatar of Aquarius awakening and so this carving might likewise suggest astrological constellation. The constellation Ursa Minor should be seen as a parallel event (the inside like the outside) to the rise of the Hebrew rabbi Dov Ber and the rise of sacred spirit and the return of the Jews to Jerusalem. Jung wrote extensively about UFOs as harbingers of the changing paradigm of Pisces to Aquarius and in our times these visions are receding and being replaced by "earth" or "returning to earth" myths. Should be noted that the last of the hundred year pop culture aparitions sequence of UFOs was in Jerusalem. See Jung's "A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky" - in German, 1958, in English by Princeton's Bollinger press which published Jung's complete works.

The previous age was marked in Israel as well; the three magi - Zoaroastrial astrologers - follow the star to Bethlehem to mark the beginning of the age.

In an interview late in life reprinted in "C.G. Jung Speaking" Jung acknowledged that he was superseded by Dov Ber

Anyone interested with the rise and  passage of Aquarius should look first to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein - as she co-titled it, "the new Prometheus" - this is the first of the "new men" - when the beast is free it runs to the North Pole. Also, Rabbi Loeb's dream is existential to this passage: the dream of golem awakening with the rise of Protestantism in Europe and the mixture of war and commerce with religion and  the entry into this commerce by European Jews with gentiles although it was against Torah to do so. The division here occurs; the path of golem (commerce with the gentiles)  or the path of God (return to Israel) - the return begins at this time and reaches completion in our time  as there are now more Jews in Israel  than there are outside Israel.

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Eichmann in Israel – Dream of the Golden Temple

In a review of the history I have come to an understanding of a dream of a golden temple several years ago; a dream that must have occurred not long after the death of Saddam Hussein. Saddam and Yasser Arafat both have links to the German Nazi party and were formed in the heat of the Second World War, considered here the end game of an era; the end game of Europe. Arafat claimed that the Grand Mufti, who began his agency in Temple Mount and made first contact with Adolf Eichmann, formed the modern day Palestinian movement, was his uncle. During the war the Mufdi travelled to German and lived in Berlin in exile, under Hitler’s protection and doing his bidding. He raised an Arab troop of 30,000 to fight for Hitler and petitioned the SS to kills Jews in Germany who were about to be sent by train to Palestine. And as far as Saddam’s is concerned, the Baath party was also formed with Nazi advice and on a fascist model.

This movement in the Middle East can be seen as a trailing or a shadow of the Nazi movement and with the death of these two, Saddam (dead Dec. 2006)and Arafat (dead 2004), the historic period – the end of the millennium – can be considered accomplished. Since, there has been no effective leadership and my dream suggests there will not be.

The dream of the golden temple in which my wife and I were removing old musty building material to find a golden temple underneath, suggests now that it is possible for the ascending age to rise and that age rises now in Israel. “The return of the king” is the phrase used by Tolkien; the end of golem and the rise of the king. This will have importance for the family of Moshe Feiglin.

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Note to Jeff Person

Jeff Person

North Dakota Geological Society

Jeff: How much I enjoyed your “Folklore and Fossils” article in Geo News, January, 2012. Particularly Figure 2 by Becky Barnes comparing the mammoth skull with the skull of the mythological Cyclops. The center eye or “third eye” lives on today as the bindi – the red dot on the forehead between the eyes worn by Hindu women, represented in Hindu art as an eye.

It marks intuition or advanced consciousness. It appears to correlate with the Corpus Callosum, the part of the brain in the middle which connects the abstract, creative right brain with the logical left brain.

I noticed years back that this becomes a kind of mental projection in art and architecture which I write about: Washington, D.C. was wisely chosen as the natural “benign center” between the agrarian South (right brain) and the industrial North (left brain). This illustration of the Ile de la Cite in Paris carried a thousand years of history in Europe (400 ad to 1400 ad), holding the artists on the left bank and the politicians and bankers on the right bank together and keeping them apart. In this colored picture it even looks like a brain illustration.

This can even be seen in Mathematics in the picture of the rising numbers identified as > and the receding numbers as <. The “third eye” is then 0; neither advancing (like the left brain) or receding (like the right brain) but holding them together.


Bernie Quigley
Haverhill, NH

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

RE "Mormon Matters" note

(LDS Baptismal font resembles UFO as does the oculous eye in early Church architecture. Steve Jobs last words, "The spaceship has landed.")

Do not overlook the Tree and the Snake in the story: There you can see what Taoism calls the shift from wu chi or unmanifest karma, to tai chi, or action in time. Adam and Eve represent then the yin and the yang entering time, the Tree and Snake cosmic expressions, Adam and Eve external manifestations of the cosmic.

RE UFOs: Mormons should be fully familiar with Swiss psychologist C.G. Jung’s manuscript: “UFOs a Modern Myth of things seen in the sky.” Jung writes that we enter a new age in the zodiac, the Age of Aquarius. And just as the previous age, Pisces was marked by the birth of the Christ it was indicated by the dreams and apparitions of Angels. Today, UFOs should be seen as the same kind of indicators, marking the rise of a new realm, in my opinion no doubt led by Mormons. If you Google “map UFOs” and “map Mormons” they precisely overlap; the “angels” this time mark the rise of the indigenous visions in the desert and the rise of Mormon.
If you take a look at my web site Water Wood and a Wolf on one of the pages I have pictures of UFOs and how they form oculus architecture precisely like that in the Hagia Sophia and the earliest churches of Christianity.

Hollywood portrays outer space creatures with big oval-shaped heads and skinny torso: This represents a fear of the unconscious as our minds rise from earth to space in the 20th century. Mormons view as “brothers and sisters.” This is the way the Cullen family is portrayed in the Twilight series; it represents the human race becoming accommodated to space and opens the gate to Mormons influence and ideas. We see that now in the rise of Romney and Huntsman and the “anti-cult” Evangelicals losing their influence.