Tuesday, January 17, 2012

RE "Mormon Matters" note

(LDS Baptismal font resembles UFO as does the oculous eye in early Church architecture. Steve Jobs last words, "The spaceship has landed.")

Do not overlook the Tree and the Snake in the story: There you can see what Taoism calls the shift from wu chi or unmanifest karma, to tai chi, or action in time. Adam and Eve represent then the yin and the yang entering time, the Tree and Snake cosmic expressions, Adam and Eve external manifestations of the cosmic.

RE UFOs: Mormons should be fully familiar with Swiss psychologist C.G. Jung’s manuscript: “UFOs a Modern Myth of things seen in the sky.” Jung writes that we enter a new age in the zodiac, the Age of Aquarius. And just as the previous age, Pisces was marked by the birth of the Christ it was indicated by the dreams and apparitions of Angels. Today, UFOs should be seen as the same kind of indicators, marking the rise of a new realm, in my opinion no doubt led by Mormons. If you Google “map UFOs” and “map Mormons” they precisely overlap; the “angels” this time mark the rise of the indigenous visions in the desert and the rise of Mormon.
If you take a look at my web site Water Wood and a Wolf on one of the pages I have pictures of UFOs and how they form oculus architecture precisely like that in the Hagia Sophia and the earliest churches of Christianity.

Hollywood portrays outer space creatures with big oval-shaped heads and skinny torso: This represents a fear of the unconscious as our minds rise from earth to space in the 20th century. Mormons view as “brothers and sisters.” This is the way the Cullen family is portrayed in the Twilight series; it represents the human race becoming accommodated to space and opens the gate to Mormons influence and ideas. We see that now in the rise of Romney and Huntsman and the “anti-cult” Evangelicals losing their influence.

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