Monday, July 4, 2011

Tarot Death card and 9/11

On Jan. 30, 2011

Marty: In one of my first essays in 1978 I was writing about the druid aspects of Earth Day celebrations in New York, writing for the Philly Daily News. I wrote: "But who, except perhaps the photographer, could have predicted the primal communion of the circle and the square, with the sun trapped on Page One of the New York Daily News on May 4, [1978] between the steel and glass altar pillars of the World Trade Center? Exactly as it was trapped 3,000 years ago between the walls of Stonehenge, as day broke on the summer solstice."

I noticed recently while explaining to a woman about a figure in Dali paintings from 1932 to 1943 that the "Death" card in Tarot contained the exact same expression of sun and towers (far right above the Bishop's head.

Then this on 9/11:

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