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This picture of the Grande Synagogue in Paris explains the symatries

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Entering Aquarius with Battlestar Galactica

Aquarius – Mentioned here over time two things: One starting past Jung’s UFO myth essay we have entered a “returning to earth” mythology with pop culture like “Lost” and a TV show “Survivors” – they show earth as newly discovered and strange, like planets were in the early UFO culture. And in this period all last century we rise – assuming here that the pop culture is the na├»ve dream of the  times – up to space with Captain Kirk and find the Tao in Obie wan Kenobi – but there in our times an end piece and companion piece to these two. Battlestar  Galactica. What is fascinating about Galactica is that it is searching for the strange planet “earth” so it is a primary “returning” myth. My kids gave us Netflix at Christmas and we have been  watching it. It is addictive. (We put it off for years because it sounded “Mormon.” But the current version with the elegant Number Six in the red dress was  written by someone else.) The story is about an ancient race of humans in space seeking earth (this story was originally conceived by a Mormon and humanity coming from space is coherent with Mormon philosophy). The “others” are called cylons. They are a race created by “humans” who took their own freedom and then declared war on the humans. Throughout, there are people on the  ship who discovered that they are “really cylons” much to their chagrin, and they try to be more “human.” And incidentally, this is a primary Aquarian myth as the commander is named Adamo and his son Appolo; Adam and Appolo seek  earth. Then at the end of the third season a melody infects the ship and certain people are affected by it as if led as if by a muse. The song is Bob Dylan’s “All along the Watchtower” – made popular by Jimi Hendrix. The cylons are the hippies; the redeemers of the humans or the distroyers. This completes the “returning to earth” mythology and begins “time” again on the planet as per lore of Battlestar Galactica.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Galactica - a myth of "returning"

RE  white buffalo in Connecticut. Amazing how this has gained popularity in the last 15 years since the birth at Janesville. There are a number of what I call Aquarian myths in our times most all about rising to the sky then returning to earth, the "return" said Whitman, when ". . . The true son of God shall come singing his songs." We rose up with Star Trek and encountered the Tao with Star Wars while away from earth. We have been watching the current Battlestar Galactica - seems like Star Trek was rite of entry to the new era Galactica is the rite of exit of sky period. Most interesting, the Galactica journey is journey home, to the mysterious planet "earth." This birth in Connecticut seems likewise a "rite of exit" of the beginning and transitional period of the new millennium.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Polar bear in "Lost" - symbol of rising Aquarius

Much I wrote about “Lost” a few years back but failed to mention that this, primary of Aquarian myths in the first days of the millennium, contains not only the essential pouring of the water; Jack’s final act in “the unconscious” is unstopping the water to bring the curing waters, as per Pegasus’s role, but the singular totem animal of the age. As fish identified the Christ in the age of Pisces, bear – Ursa Minor - the constellation which in our times swirls around the North Pole, in Lost, the mystery animal is a polar bear, symbol of the rising age (see below). “She bear moves the world, Jung carved on his crypt.