Sunday, July 15, 2012

Galactica - a myth of "returning"

RE  white buffalo in Connecticut. Amazing how this has gained popularity in the last 15 years since the birth at Janesville. There are a number of what I call Aquarian myths in our times most all about rising to the sky then returning to earth, the "return" said Whitman, when ". . . The true son of God shall come singing his songs." We rose up with Star Trek and encountered the Tao with Star Wars while away from earth. We have been watching the current Battlestar Galactica - seems like Star Trek was rite of entry to the new era Galactica is the rite of exit of sky period. Most interesting, the Galactica journey is journey home, to the mysterious planet "earth." This birth in Connecticut seems likewise a "rite of exit" of the beginning and transitional period of the new millennium.

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