Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Note to Fox - 11/24/10

These are all important issues. I'd felt that Chris Carter's X Files was the rite of entry to the portal of Aquarius. ON the first day of Aquarius, January 1, 2001 I happened to be in Chicago with my family for vacation which might be considered the "center of the world" in Aquarius as it is center of West. East, South and the Great White North - There was that day on X Files an episode that suggested John Lennon to be the Aquarian penned by David Duchovny. I thought it was a great series and necessary for the world in the globalist Aquarian sequence. But then necessary for the rest of the world to go back to itself. The thing we think of today as globalism began with the American conquest of the western regions, then Europe and Asia by war, capital and culture. It is still conquest. China has always understood this.

Americans became first in the world my military conquest which included the use of nuclear weapons in Japan. A reading of Nicholson Baker's book "Human Smoke" gives a picture of the total destruction of Europe. Conquest always has two faces: the soldier and the priest. When I was in Paris in the early 1970s I would go to the Cinemateque every night; Henri Langois's little film museum. That was a great time in Paris. Nice American (Sam Fuller) and Asian (Buddhist) influenced. The problem for people in the world adopting Americanism is that it detaches you from your own earth to which you are bound by tradition and its cultures, traded in for the American overview - I think much of the UFO rising into the sky has been caused by this detachment. Aldous Huxley felt the big screen motion pictures were purely totalitarian attempts to control the world - I fairly agree; zombeeism is a reoccurring theme in American life. We are going through a zombie phase now. Lifted out of the earth we lose our connection to it; we lose our soul.

Americans survive on constant novelty and sell it abroad. I find that we in America have little choice - we have not found our soul yet. That is why we are so neurotic and compelled exclusively to Extraverted activity. We are incapable of Intraversion. It physically pains us. But Americans must powerr through this themselves and not escape from it. The final portal of Aquarius; the rite of exit - is the tv show Mad Men which is exactly about that; the selling of things for what they are not and the making of things that are soul eating. It is impossible for the hero to find a human realtionship; the characters are well-dressed zombees(and the hero himself. Don Draper, comes from the dead as the "real" Don was killed in the Korean War. The Mad Ave. Don is a zombee).

Love is the answer and when the main character finds it it comes from another country (France - and it comes via a phone call with "mother" in French).

That is why I write about Buffy: She is the earth, the avatar of individuation, antidote to zombeeism.

Here is a still from Mad Men which helps explain. I actually worked on Madison Avenue during the period of this show: