Sunday, December 27, 2009

Eyes in the Sky

This from the dome in Hagia Sophia - viewed from any angle the curved ceiling takes the shape of an eye:

This the Aspe in St. Catherrine's in Sinai, Eygpt, year 565;

Abbess Hildegaarde's eye appears to be blue man - the Christ - coming from the Sun; blue in art or black suggest comeing form Unconscious time (Khrishna translates, "dark one") - 12th century. Black Elk also spoke of the "blue man" in an apocalypic dream:

Jefferson's oculous at Montecello; an eight-sided figure; a Bagua, like the hadron colloder, which is also an eight-sided figure and an oculous:

Pantheon's occulous - "eye" searches here as in UFO mythology and pop fiction:

Close Encounterrs - same "eye of God" called a moment in the history of religionritic Stanley Kaufman by c:

Oculous in UFO culture ofpost-war:

I think this picture of the Hadron collider is fantastic as it is presented as an eye in this photo in an angle much like those as St. Sophia in Constantinople. The subtitle says: "It's going to fucking kill you dead." The same fears were present as in the 1950s UFO art. We were not told when it would start but on that morning my wife had a dream that she had a baby.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Letter RE "Twilight"

Mr. Granger: Thoughtful piece on Twilight saga. Twilight could well be seen as a North American Creation Myth repudiating old Logos/Eros of the Anglo European tradition for a new world Logos/Eros. The villain in Twilight is not surprisingly named Victoria – the Third Phase (dark moon) of Robert Graves “White Goddess” – she must be dispatched so that Graves White Goddess – (Bella – new moon) can begin the goddess cycle again. Note that Victoria’s “intuitive friend” is the Irishman Riley. Bella’s is the Native American, Jacob. The Voltori also appear to draw on the Italian - Eros realm of old school where love and religion resided and awakened Europe - , thus in Meyer’s Mormon saga they are the bad guys (Edward hates tradition, he says). The English and the Italians are displaced by a bonding of Mormon (Logos) and Native Americans (Eros). A new Quaternity is formed on the new continent and possibly for the new century – a west coast Mormon/Indian North American Quaternity: Father (Carlyle) Son (Edward), Trickster spirit (Jacob) and Psyche (Bella). Bella is the only human in this situation. Edward kills Victoria (the Red Queen) so that Bella (the White Queen) can be born again and can bring forth the goddess cycle on the new continent. Notice the cover of book four, “New Dawn”: it is the chess piece of the White Queen. And in book four Edward and presumably the other vampires are identified as archangels. Related to this, the old vampire movies and books can be seen as “empty crypt” myths and Europe entered the painful “silence of God” era (And Frankenstein, attempts like Rabbi Loeb’s to conjure the savior but finding only Golum). But here, the gods – archangels – awaken again in the unconscious.

Bernie Quigley
Haverhill, NH

"Twilight" - Victoria's Shadow - American Quaternity

As per the conversation below about "Twilight" as n oriignal Creation Myth it should benoted that is is a western event and one which may run opposite with the eastern United states. Bella as the rising "white queen" begins the first phase of the great Mother cycle - this in hippie lore can be estimated as rising in 2012. 2012, claimed to the an "end of the world" year on the AStez calender and causeing much fanfare, is actually auspicious as it is also a "beginning of the world" phenomenon or pyshic event.
NOteworthy that Victoria - the "third mother" or Death Moon has a "side kick" or lover - that would be Riley, the Irishman. While Bella, the "white goddess" has Jacob, the Native American. I wrote in Quigley in Exile early on how the Irishman was the awakening trickster in innigratn America (ADams" gardener in "The Educaiton of Henry Adams" and in pop works like "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken." But Native America is true guid in North America - the Natty Bumpo figure; Hawkeye in the Cooper tales, or the AFrican-American. I think this will regionalize. West and northwest are informed by Native America, South and north east by African American.

It is possible to see an American Quaternity rising now: South (black), North east (Old mother England), Southwest (Mormon - or the vampires in Twilight which are identified as archeangels in book four) and northwest Native American.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Twilight: Return of the White Goddess

Noted below, Eclipse, the third book in the Twilight quartet brings a ritual killing of Victoria, the "third Mother" in the Earth Mother triple goddess cycle best described in Robert Graves' classic, The White Goddess. Killing the Third Mother enables the return of the First Mother; the White Goddess or the White Queen. I just noticed as I picked up the fourth book, Breaking Dawn that the cover picture is a chess piece, the white queen.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Indians and Mormons: "Twilight" is a North American Creation Myth

RE the note below, Twilight is a North American creation myth. Bella links Native American intuition with Mormon structure (Twilight is a dream of Mormon writer Stephanie Meyers) - a new Logos/Eros for a new age and a new continent. The villians are England (Victoria) and Italy (Colturi); Logos/Eros or order/intuition of a former age. My commentary at The Hill is constantly based on the idea that our times including the recession do not resemble the 1830s as the Keynesians are driving it, but the 1830s when Native American intuition (Natty Bumpo) was a major influence and the Mormons were starting their journey across America.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Ritual killing of Victoria in "Twilight"

So much happens in the Twilight series; the Mormon suggestion of the vampires, the bonding with Native American intuition - Bella is Brahma, the benign vortex between Vishnu (ascending karma - Edward and the vampires) and Shiva (receding karma - Native Americans; the meeting of the Three in Italy (as Jesus and Abraham met the Three) but what I think is most significant is the killing of Victoria. There is a strain of the English civil conflict between Puritan moving to Unitarian and Mormon and heading west when the Anglicans appear in New England threabouts. But Victoria in astrological lore is the Third Mother - the death Mother; the world conquerer at the end of the age of Pisces. Pisces was a yin age - an earth and water age. The vampires here are benevolent and responsible - like Mormons, family and honor oriented. But before the new age - aquarius rises, the Third MOther - Kali must be ritually put to rest - that is the poin tof the Twilight saga; the destruction of Victoria, the third mother, so the first mother - the white goddess, can rise again.

If pop culture brings an archetype forth this series has taken hold of a generation. The ritual destruction of Victoira, the third mother, will allow for the awakening of the First Mother - the Earth Mother incarnate awakening in the new astrological cycle. That is perhaps the terror felt for Sarah Palin; she is representative of the first mother. Victoria dies in book three - the movie should be out in a year.