Saturday, December 19, 2009

Letter RE "Twilight"

Mr. Granger: Thoughtful piece on Twilight saga. Twilight could well be seen as a North American Creation Myth repudiating old Logos/Eros of the Anglo European tradition for a new world Logos/Eros. The villain in Twilight is not surprisingly named Victoria – the Third Phase (dark moon) of Robert Graves “White Goddess” – she must be dispatched so that Graves White Goddess – (Bella – new moon) can begin the goddess cycle again. Note that Victoria’s “intuitive friend” is the Irishman Riley. Bella’s is the Native American, Jacob. The Voltori also appear to draw on the Italian - Eros realm of old school where love and religion resided and awakened Europe - , thus in Meyer’s Mormon saga they are the bad guys (Edward hates tradition, he says). The English and the Italians are displaced by a bonding of Mormon (Logos) and Native Americans (Eros). A new Quaternity is formed on the new continent and possibly for the new century – a west coast Mormon/Indian North American Quaternity: Father (Carlyle) Son (Edward), Trickster spirit (Jacob) and Psyche (Bella). Bella is the only human in this situation. Edward kills Victoria (the Red Queen) so that Bella (the White Queen) can be born again and can bring forth the goddess cycle on the new continent. Notice the cover of book four, “New Dawn”: it is the chess piece of the White Queen. And in book four Edward and presumably the other vampires are identified as archangels. Related to this, the old vampire movies and books can be seen as “empty crypt” myths and Europe entered the painful “silence of God” era (And Frankenstein, attempts like Rabbi Loeb’s to conjure the savior but finding only Golum). But here, the gods – archangels – awaken again in the unconscious.

Bernie Quigley
Haverhill, NH

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