Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Twilight" - Victoria's Shadow - American Quaternity

As per the conversation below about "Twilight" as n oriignal Creation Myth it should benoted that is is a western event and one which may run opposite with the eastern United states. Bella as the rising "white queen" begins the first phase of the great Mother cycle - this in hippie lore can be estimated as rising in 2012. 2012, claimed to the an "end of the world" year on the AStez calender and causeing much fanfare, is actually auspicious as it is also a "beginning of the world" phenomenon or pyshic event.
NOteworthy that Victoria - the "third mother" or Death Moon has a "side kick" or lover - that would be Riley, the Irishman. While Bella, the "white goddess" has Jacob, the Native American. I wrote in Quigley in Exile early on how the Irishman was the awakening trickster in innigratn America (ADams" gardener in "The Educaiton of Henry Adams" and in pop works like "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken." But Native America is true guid in North America - the Natty Bumpo figure; Hawkeye in the Cooper tales, or the AFrican-American. I think this will regionalize. West and northwest are informed by Native America, South and north east by African American.

It is possible to see an American Quaternity rising now: South (black), North east (Old mother England), Southwest (Mormon - or the vampires in Twilight which are identified as archeangels in book four) and northwest Native American.

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