Saturday, April 14, 2012

Eichmann in Israel – Dream of the Golden Temple

In a review of the history I have come to an understanding of a dream of a golden temple several years ago; a dream that must have occurred not long after the death of Saddam Hussein. Saddam and Yasser Arafat both have links to the German Nazi party and were formed in the heat of the Second World War, considered here the end game of an era; the end game of Europe. Arafat claimed that the Grand Mufti, who began his agency in Temple Mount and made first contact with Adolf Eichmann, formed the modern day Palestinian movement, was his uncle. During the war the Mufdi travelled to German and lived in Berlin in exile, under Hitler’s protection and doing his bidding. He raised an Arab troop of 30,000 to fight for Hitler and petitioned the SS to kills Jews in Germany who were about to be sent by train to Palestine. And as far as Saddam’s is concerned, the Baath party was also formed with Nazi advice and on a fascist model.

This movement in the Middle East can be seen as a trailing or a shadow of the Nazi movement and with the death of these two, Saddam (dead Dec. 2006)and Arafat (dead 2004), the historic period – the end of the millennium – can be considered accomplished. Since, there has been no effective leadership and my dream suggests there will not be.

The dream of the golden temple in which my wife and I were removing old musty building material to find a golden temple underneath, suggests now that it is possible for the ascending age to rise and that age rises now in Israel. “The return of the king” is the phrase used by Tolkien; the end of golem and the rise of the king. This will have importance for the family of Moshe Feiglin.