Sunday, December 19, 2010

William Blakes's Four Zoas

William Blake's "egg" picture divides into four "castles" - a quaternity. As said below, these are the "personality types" - I told my Israeli friend that the four "houses" of aeon Pisces - Orthodox, Islam, Catholic, Protestant should be considered the four "types." Jerusalem, Temple Mount, being the egg. This is the core diagram of all cosmic religion.

- from Jon Green's site:

"There are four great ‘daimons’ or god-figures who appear in much of his major work, called the Four Zoas. Occasionally the names change but the meaning is generally clear. They correspond to those divisions of psychological functioning described by Jung. Los or Urthona (corresponding to Intuition) is the Spirit of Prophecy, the divine vision, a figure similar to the classical Phoebus Apollo. The name possibly derives from Sol (sun) spelled backwards, or from ‘earth-owner’. Urizen (corresponding to Thinking) and perhaps derived from ‘your reason’ is the Spirit of Thought, Eternal Mind; his ‘steeds’ are thoughts. The silver mountains of Urizen are where wisdom dwelt. He is also a law giver, and in some ways similar to Zeus. Luvah or Orc (corresponding to Feeling) is Prince of Love, Eros, Eternal Youth , sometimes called Red Orc -- the fiery boy. The names derive possibly from ‘lover’ or ‘hawk of May’. Tharmas (corresponding to Sensation) represents the corporeal Waters of Matter, the fluid matrix of form. He appears as a kind of great demon of the waters, a Neptune or Poseidon figure."

Note that these four states also correspond to the four worlds of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and to the four elements :

Atziluth (Emanation) Fire Intuition The Self
Briah (Creation) Air Thinking Language, Abstraction, Reason
Yetzirah (Formation) Water Feeling Emotions, Drives, Feeling
Assiah (Action) Earth Sensation Perception, Imagination, Instinct, Reproduction

In Diana Wynne Jones/Mayazaki's great work "Howl's Moving Castle" Howl has a dial by his door which he can turn to any of the four quaters; the four together forming Castle:

Likewise Jung's four personality types accessed by The Trickster with lantern:

Which is pretty much the same as the Mandala of Vajrabhairava:

And in the Christian realm the cross (two sticks; fire in the Greek) forms the four castles of the universe with the Christ (the egg) in center/Self holding them together and apart - quite literally nailing the four corners of the universe together. The spear indicates the inward action of the introvert/shaman of the inner world as spear in hand of a soldier indicates guide to outer world. This one by Fra Angelica:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Note to Fox - 11/24/10

These are all important issues. I'd felt that Chris Carter's X Files was the rite of entry to the portal of Aquarius. ON the first day of Aquarius, January 1, 2001 I happened to be in Chicago with my family for vacation which might be considered the "center of the world" in Aquarius as it is center of West. East, South and the Great White North - There was that day on X Files an episode that suggested John Lennon to be the Aquarian penned by David Duchovny. I thought it was a great series and necessary for the world in the globalist Aquarian sequence. But then necessary for the rest of the world to go back to itself. The thing we think of today as globalism began with the American conquest of the western regions, then Europe and Asia by war, capital and culture. It is still conquest. China has always understood this.

Americans became first in the world my military conquest which included the use of nuclear weapons in Japan. A reading of Nicholson Baker's book "Human Smoke" gives a picture of the total destruction of Europe. Conquest always has two faces: the soldier and the priest. When I was in Paris in the early 1970s I would go to the Cinemateque every night; Henri Langois's little film museum. That was a great time in Paris. Nice American (Sam Fuller) and Asian (Buddhist) influenced. The problem for people in the world adopting Americanism is that it detaches you from your own earth to which you are bound by tradition and its cultures, traded in for the American overview - I think much of the UFO rising into the sky has been caused by this detachment. Aldous Huxley felt the big screen motion pictures were purely totalitarian attempts to control the world - I fairly agree; zombeeism is a reoccurring theme in American life. We are going through a zombie phase now. Lifted out of the earth we lose our connection to it; we lose our soul.

Americans survive on constant novelty and sell it abroad. I find that we in America have little choice - we have not found our soul yet. That is why we are so neurotic and compelled exclusively to Extraverted activity. We are incapable of Intraversion. It physically pains us. But Americans must powerr through this themselves and not escape from it. The final portal of Aquarius; the rite of exit - is the tv show Mad Men which is exactly about that; the selling of things for what they are not and the making of things that are soul eating. It is impossible for the hero to find a human realtionship; the characters are well-dressed zombees(and the hero himself. Don Draper, comes from the dead as the "real" Don was killed in the Korean War. The Mad Ave. Don is a zombee).

Love is the answer and when the main character finds it it comes from another country (France - and it comes via a phone call with "mother" in French).

That is why I write about Buffy: She is the earth, the avatar of individuation, antidote to zombeeism.

Here is a still from Mad Men which helps explain. I actually worked on Madison Avenue during the period of this show:

Friday, October 8, 2010

Feb. 12, 2010

These two images occurred this day:

They suggest Aeon, the coming of the Aquarian.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The critical Dali images of 1943

Marty: These images relate:

This first, Son of Man, by Magritte, quotes the Book of Daniel when "messiah" will arrive - he is marked by a green apple. 1964. The is another picture same year with a white dove, indicating the arrival. This is what I talk to my bearded Jerusalem people about.

These Dali pics are from 1943 to suggest the "second Christ" or the Aquarian. They werer deeply influenced b y Jung and by Astrology. Note the drippings form both pictures - they indicate "the Christ" as they come from the Christ wound - artists traditionally havfe done this in Europe. The candle as well in the head indicates the "enlightened one." I am the only person who knows about this - art critics are dorkus. My Remo friends have heard the explaination. Takes a little explaining.

This is the cover of Sgt. Peppers. C.G. Jung top row center circled:

Monday, September 13, 2010

"Mad Men"s Don Draper is Aquarian Christ/Vishnu

Note to Marty: Friend visited over the weekend who says Don Draper will die a suicide as suggested in the iconic intro. NO, I said, Don is Vishnu, suited up to leave the dream and enter into the transformation of the world. In Last night’s excellent episode, 407, featuring the Liston/Clay fight, lesser colleague Peggy comforts Don as his friend in California is dying. There is an interesting moment when Don gets into a fight with Gray (shadow), who tells Don he has killed 17 men at Guadacanal. Don “turns the other cheek” and stops the fight. IN the next scene, Don and Peggy are presented in a classic Madonna and Child scene, which in Christendom expressed the Earth as Madonna and the People as the Christ Child.

Don is presented as The Christ; an ad man who “rises from the dead” in Korea with a new identity and who envisions in the universe a white goddess who will nest “in his house” in California; he dreams of her on Peggy's lap as he sleeps. It is really astonishing.

Don's spirit mother who has died in CA appears as the High Priestess in Tarot:

At the end, the Weiner symbol is presented as the Tarot card The Sun in the Rider-Waite deck. The Sun is the symbol of rising Aquarius. As C.G. Jung put is, as Aquarius rises, Vishnu will be seen in the world riding his white horse.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Marty - Jung's stone at Bollinger

Marty: This is Jung's stone at Bollinger. Notice the Trickster/enabler in the center holds a light to open to the four quadrants. The four quarters are the four "psychological types" - the are the four everything; the four corners of the universe but in our lives we expereince them in personcality. The light brings us from one to the other as we go through life and death.

But this, the Mandala of Vajrabhairava, goes to the same place; trickster in center, four quarters.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Eclipse: The Ritual execution of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer

Astute students of archetypal history will definitely want to see the third episode of the “Twilight” series, “Eclipse” which opened this week. I saw it this week with my daughter and was the only non-13-year-old girl in the packed theater. But Eclipse fulfills an archetypal need and destiny: The four book series follows the full moon cycle of the English Earth Mother tradition and this book and movie brings the ritual execution of Victoria. In fact, Buffy is clearly identified as the archetype of the English Earth Mother in her three phases (see Graves, “The White Goddess”), Victoria being the last phase, the Death Mother or eclipsed moon. In one of the last televised issues of Buffy, she is identified as the “Lady of the Lake”: A ghost woman appears to her from behind the veil and says, ”You pulled the sword from the stone. I was one of the women [Triple Goddess] who put it there.”

Twilight is a Buffy knockoff – better yet, it is a Mormon version of the Buffy/Angel saga. In the Buffy chronicles, The Slayer’s second boy friend – Angel is her real love and her first boy friend – is Riley. But he is considered never holding up to Angel. In Eclipse, a new Riley appears; the second lover of Victoria, implying that Victoria is a stand in or analog of Buffy. Victoria, the enemy in Twilight, has bright red hair – she is the Red Queen is seen in the Unconscious of Alice in Wonderland: She is England's great queen, Victoria, the last of the English Earth Mothers. She must die for the White Queen to be “born again” and the cycle of the Triple Goddess to awaken again. She dies in Eclipse, executed by Edward (head ripped off), and Bella represents the new White Queen. Most excellent, on the cover of the book Breaking Dawn, fourth and final book in the series, is a white chess piece: the White Queen. The goddess cycle begins again in Aquarius.

Coolest thing though is that Stephanie Meyers, the author, replaces the American borrowed Logos (English law, philosophy and procedures) and Eros (Italian romance, poetry and religion) with new Logos (Mormonism; the vampires are high Mormons with a striving work ethic) and a new Eros (Native Americans). It should be noted that Mormonism started here in the mountains of Vermont and New York when America was going through a fantastic religious revival in the 1830s. The Mormons rose from the English dissenters here in New England. When the original Anglicans started arriving after the revolution, the Mormons headed west to Utah. My claim has been that they took the Protestant Ethic with them. So you can see in Eclipse and in the Twilight series the English civil war echoing through the centuries, even to archetypal warfare today in Hollywood.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

For David Yosef ben Faigie Perel:

That I may enjoy the prosperity of your chosen ones, that
I may share in the joy of your nation, that
I may join your inheritance in giving praise.

Psalms 106:5

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Aragorn and Temple Mount/Israel

As suggested below, the "return of the King" - Aragorn suggests death of Golem/Shadow and rise of Temple Mount and rebirth of Israel. This picture is not clear, but the symbolism on King Aragorn's chest is a menorah in the design of a tree: three stars to the left, three to the right and a heightened symbol in the center:

Menorah are often presented as trees - "tree of life":

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tolkien’s “Rings” Templar “code” for restoration of Temple Mount

The several elements in Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” suggest restoration of Temple Mount. The Towers, the Golem. As I have been writing along here and in Quigley in Exile, Golem, from Rabbi Loeb’s dream of Golem in the 1600s marked the "end of light” in Europe – European and world Jews would then bifurcate to Extroverts, who would move outward with the gentiles in commerce and banking, and Introverts who would then move inward; that is, back to Israel. This would be the beginning of The Return. Golem would mark the external path to the present day in pop culture: Find Quaternities in pop culture and the “son” figure is frequently Golem – traces of this in Seinfeld where George is “son” (Seinfeld father, Cosmo Trickster, etc.), all neurotic and unable. No karma left at end of Pisces. The Twin Towers - Tolkien's second book - caused concern here because when the movie was released and the twin trade centers in New York were destroyed as parallel event, as if we were on a “gateway” to the age – the Age of Aquarius opened in 2001, year of the Twin Towers 9/11 tragedy. The subtheme in this story is the death of Golem; the end of the dark (shadow) aspect of the Jewish Extravert trail (which Moshe Feiglin scorns today in his weekly newslette). That is matched by the “Return of the King.” We shift today to the positive karma and suggest, in Templar terms, the rise again of Temple Mount. And it is what we hear again today & what I’ve been writing about these past months. I had been thinking it had different reference, but as Golem is in essence a Jewish reference,l the counterpart, King, likely implies the rise of Israel.

This image of the "Fantastic 4" in the naive culture is characteristic of a Quaternity featuring Golem as "Son." As I understand it, Stan Lee, who did this and most of the "super heroes" was a Jewish immigrant to New York. This would suggest a quest for Self which new (maybe all) Americans feel when they leave their "gods" (archetypes) behind in Europe. Golem's name here is "Ben" - Hebrew for "Son." This is a classic Quaternity: Father, Son, Trickster (fire boy), and Psyche (sister to "fire boy."). Quaternity is common in pop culture, "The Wizard of Oz" being most representative of American karma, born of the Plains. But "Seinfeld" and "Frazier" are telling Quaternities as well.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The end of "Lost" - Jack Shephard is the Aquarian

As per the earlier theme of shifting the "time style" from Pisces to Aquarius, the interior story ends with Jack at the light in the centerr of the island repairing the karms - much as John Locke repaired the "time style" when Ben broke it. The water pours forth. Jack is the Waterpourer; the iconic figure in the symbol of Aquarius in the zodiac pourikng water form a vase; freeing the creative consciousness for the new millenia. Nice at the end the eye closes; like Khrishna going back to sleep at the end of Maharabarata. The Waterpourer figure is known as the Titan.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Lost" Sawyer and Kate Adam and Eve of Aquarius

Three astrological levels on the TV show “Lost” – Sawyer and Kate are the Adam and Eve of Aquarius

AS we cross into the Age of Aquarius out of the Age of Pisces, three levels of astrological time are present, going back 6,000 years to the time of Jacob. During the run of the series Jacob and his Shadow, Man in Black, the smoke monster are the old protectors of the light. Ben Linus and Richard Albert are their external agents in the world. Ben – identified as the Christ in the second season by the chest wound and the book, Brother’s K – representing the beginning of the Age of Pisces with Richard Alpert, known as Baba Ram Dass in the Sixties, representing the end – he started the hippie movement with Timothy Leary, his co-professor at Harvard.

Entering Aquarius now with Jacob dead and the smoke monster transferred to John Locke, Jack, son of “Christian Shepherd” takes the role of Guardian. The external agents here should be Desmond (who played Jesus in an earlier movie) and Hurley – both these have avatar karma – Hurley speaks to the Unconscious direct; listens to the dead, while Desmond, like Brahma is immune to the peaks (Vishnu) and troughs (Shiva) of the light. Leaving Kate and Sawyer to be the new Adam and Eve of Aquarius.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Buffy and Twilight

Watching the first few episodes of Buffy this past weekend it is clear that Buffy is the template for Twilight. But Twilight is the anti-Buffy; a Mormon version of the Slayer which is purely English while Mormons can bes seen as a dissident sect of English. In season one number four a bus is taken over by religious folk refered to as the brethern; a name I believe used for Mormons in Australia.

Giles is also said to have a mentor named Carlisle - Edwards's father - back in the British Museum.

Noteworthy that Buffy's animus is called Angel; in book four of the Twilight series Edward and co. are referred to as angels and archangels. In both of these series some of the vampires can be seen as good or striving to be good - angels or Shining Ones - while in previous vampire movies the undead express a "silence of God" or empty crypt where the Christ once awakened from.

Worth noting as well that the Hellmouth mentioned in Buffy opens at the end of Pisces - 1996/7 while Twilight comes out on the other side - the beginning of the Age of Aquarius - 2006 or 7.

NOteworthy as well that Buffy is the active agent althought Angel kills Darla just as Edward kills Victoria allowing for the manifestation of the new goddess. Again, the Mormon model in Twilight where Bella simply finds her place with Edward.

This whole thing conditions a generation in a possitive way as both Buffy and Twilight bring the positive values of the white goddess and the beginning of the goddess cycle and bring to an end the age of Kali; the death mother. the generation which awakens and forms time, will manifest these positive values in the new century.