Monday, September 13, 2010

"Mad Men"s Don Draper is Aquarian Christ/Vishnu

Note to Marty: Friend visited over the weekend who says Don Draper will die a suicide as suggested in the iconic intro. NO, I said, Don is Vishnu, suited up to leave the dream and enter into the transformation of the world. In Last night’s excellent episode, 407, featuring the Liston/Clay fight, lesser colleague Peggy comforts Don as his friend in California is dying. There is an interesting moment when Don gets into a fight with Gray (shadow), who tells Don he has killed 17 men at Guadacanal. Don “turns the other cheek” and stops the fight. IN the next scene, Don and Peggy are presented in a classic Madonna and Child scene, which in Christendom expressed the Earth as Madonna and the People as the Christ Child.

Don is presented as The Christ; an ad man who “rises from the dead” in Korea with a new identity and who envisions in the universe a white goddess who will nest “in his house” in California; he dreams of her on Peggy's lap as he sleeps. It is really astonishing.

Don's spirit mother who has died in CA appears as the High Priestess in Tarot:

At the end, the Weiner symbol is presented as the Tarot card The Sun in the Rider-Waite deck. The Sun is the symbol of rising Aquarius. As C.G. Jung put is, as Aquarius rises, Vishnu will be seen in the world riding his white horse.

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