Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Christ Dance in Dali's "Poetry of America"

In Dali’s Poetry of America the white figure has his arm across his eyes - in the dream folk lore when one sees a vision from the Unconscious they are told to cover their eyes. The "disintegrating Christ" is also seen here as partial and perhaps used up (blood turned to oil and coke, etc.) at journey's end - the vision of the Unconscious is "through a glass darkly" and only partial. I've had that dream with three ancient sculls – told to keep my head down. The Egg appears here as a tiny football with little man and will manifest in Geopoliticus Child . . .

In The Phantom of the Opera, for example, a classic folk opera about the fall of Europe in 1917, Madame Giry, Christine’s caregiver who sees into the Unconscious, tells the hero to cover his eyes when the "phantom" occurs and she leads him to the phantom's den in the underworld (when Christine tears off the Phantom’s mask the house falls and brings the death of Europe, indicated as the Paris Opera House).

Likewise, as Jung pointed out in the UFO dreams - their faces were burned by the confrontation with the Unconscious. As a dream, this picture represents a “vision” of Christ – the blue figure (blue; fro the Unconscious in a dream) by the dreamer in white. Ending the transition over decades of the pictures of the Knight, now a man with a staff. The egg first appears here rising out of the tiny man who rises out of the white dreamer.

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