Sunday, October 4, 2009

Eggman, "Geopoliticus Child," "Poetry in America"

I received several thousand viewers this past few weeks RE a few comments published elsewhere on how Salvador Dali's two paintings, Geopoliticus Child Watchign the Birth of the New Man and Poetry in America, both painted in 1943, are companion pieces and explain each other. They form the vortex of Dali's work and the apex of his mythic journey. They have significance to the collective passage of his times and our; the artist dreams the collective dream of the culture and the dream can be understood archetypally, as an individual dream can. Essay is repeated here: "Eggman" enigma solved at the DMV. Should note that in the last sentences I completely reversed myself and realized that Poetry in America features time reverting back and bringing forth the Egg in Geopoliticus Child.

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