Friday, September 18, 2009

Note on "Millennial Star" on "Twilight"

The books and movie Twilight form Anima and Animus for a new generation - a group now just still in high school and led first by girls by this popular romance. I'm reading the second book, New Moon, and have been commenting on it on the Mormon web site, The Millennial Star." The Twilight author is a Mormon and the novels contain Mormon thinking. On Remo's web site - Unus Mundus - I've suggested that Joseph Smith and the Mormons are part of the Aquarian awakening. My comment:

It is a family rule that we, the adults, read any book that our kids tell us to. On the second book, New Moon, I am fascinated by the mythic and archetypal elements rather than the literary skill. Bella casts off ordinary and traditional human friends and family, just as Krishna rises out of his old skin for a new “. . . dance of life and death”; a new “creation.” Quaternity is common in na├»ve literature; Seinfeld is a Quaternity, Fraser is a Quaternity, the Wizard of Oz is a Quaternity. Bella’s Quaternity forms a new relationship with the cosmos; a new Quaternity with “supernaturals” in which she is the only human: Carlyln, (Father), Edward (Son), Jacob (Trickster) and Bella (Psyche). Yale’s Harold Bloom says that Joseph Smith has done much the same - formed a new relationship with the cosmos - and has been the only American to do so successfully.

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