Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lost: Ben is Bad

When Ben – the mad Christ of Revelations – turned the style to the new astrological age of Aquarius, he believed that in opening the age he would reign again and displace the actual Aquarian; John Locke. Thus, when he kills John Locke he does not think that Locke will reawaken on the island as he does. Locke sees Ben but Ben does not see John; he is sleeping in the injured ward.

Christian however, intervened – he tells John Locke the he was supposed to have turned the style not Ben. And because Ben turned it the style is off its axis. So John Locke does turn the style, becoming the Aquarian.

Desmond says he will never go back to the island. But when he gets back to the boat he will have found that Ben has killed Penny. So he will go back to the island and kill Ben.

Charles Whitmore is indeed the good guy, hoping to usher in Locke and Aquarius. He warns however of war if the right guy is not at the helm; that is, there will be a war between the old Ben team and the hippies: red and blue America.

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