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Why "Twilight" is important . . .

Good evidence that the world was changing its direction came about when Rabbi Loeb (1513-1609) of Prague tried to conjure a Protector (Savior) and found that he only could muster a Golem. From then till now Golem has been a central theme. In the Fantastic 4, Son ("Ben" = Son) – the Christ in the traditional Quaternity of Christendom, is Golem. Seinfeld is likewise a Quaternity and George Costanza (“He is often portrayed as a loser who is insecure about his capabilities,” – Wiki) is Golem. Yeats’ Rough Beast Slouching Toward Bethlehem is Golem. Golem is a homunculus, like Pinocchio and so is Frankenstein – a dream motif and archetype; one dreams of carving a god in the absence of God.

Likewise, vampire is a Silence of God theme. The crypt, from which the Christ arose, became empty by 1897, when Bram Stoker wrote Dracula. These are the two major themes; werewolf a third, but that is something different.

What is important about Twilight is that vampire is not an absence of God but represents a return of the Gods; the vampires, Edward and Carlisle first among them, are the first among the gods - they don't hide from the Sun, they glisten in the Sun; that is why they cannot let the people see them in the daylight - like the Christ in Dostoyevski's Grand Insquisitor, they would be tortured or slaughtered. In fact, Edward and Carlisle represent half of the Twilight Quaternity; Father and Son. And it is a most interesting Quaternity as the two yang aspects - Father and Son are from the Unconsicous. The two yin aspects - Bella and Jacob - live in the world. Bella being the Cosmic Mother (Psyche) and Jacob Black, the Indian adviser, Spirit. What is excellent in this is that Spirit and Cosmic Mother are the two faces of the yin, while Carlisle and Edward are the two faces of the yang.

The movie ends with a classic union in the temple; the dance of Bella and Edward in the gazebo – a sacred marriage; coniunctio; the alchemical marriage of opposities – of yin and yang. What is extra intuitive about this is that Bella has a broken right leg. She is “right brain” and its manifestation to the left side of the body; the yin manifestation of the world.

Twilight is a generational myth; Edward, Bella, Jacob, Carlisle, the Quaternity godhead of a new generation now rising and only 13 years old. The Twilight gods are this generation's gods.

This links with much I’ve been surmising in The Titan and the Egg – The Negative Anima is represented by Three Women – Two of them are portrayed as men but they have long hair as does Jason, representing the yin spirit and the other Indians; the violent three vampires, the Black Moon manifestation of the Piscean arrangement in the three phases of the moon throughout the 2,000 year period: Robert Graves in The White Goddess, gives the awakening moon to Albion at the beginning of the rise of England/Europe, the agency of Pisces - a yin age and a water age, then on to Rose Moon (Eleanor of Aquitaine) around the 12th century and marked by the great rose glasses in the European cathedrals (each with three gynecological portals representing the Three Sisters. In Titan, I marked Victoria as the Black Mother - the Death Mother; the dark receding moon and the end of the moon cycle of the Age of Pisces. The avenger of the three evil vampires in Twilight is named Victoria.

The age awakening is marked by Titans. In the tradition of horror movies the Stan Lee movies and comics should be considered. Stan Lee as I understand it was a European Jew who came to Brooklyn and New York. In the Hindu tale, one loses one’s gods and spirit traditions and that is a hall mark of American entry; one seeks the Self to find God. Lee may have succeeded. His creatures are not “empty” vampires like the others; they come from the Unconscious, but they are archetypal elements. The X Men is actually based on White’s The Once and Future King – King Arthur’s agents, which like Unicorn, are archetypes.

Likewise, Edward & co. are Titans. The mark of Aquarius is the rise of Titans. This has been the theme through much in comic books and pop movies, where they hide from the priests and scholars.

Comments here to a psychologist:

RE "spirit fish" and "rays of consciousness" - the Unconscious exposes itself where it is least observed - like the H__________ principle in physics in which the elements change when they are being scrutinized. (Yeats makes a similar point: He writes that the fairies frolic in the meadows but disappear when the priest arrives.) Movies and pop culture express valuable contents of the Unconscious today in a world in which the participation mystique which destroys individuation is at its peak. Interesting that you bring up the fish in the oven - a dream of a (former) Boston priest named James Carroll who writes a column for the Boston Globe. There is a distinct change today in the pop culture with the book and movie Twilight. The history of horror movies and horror stories in our times can be traced back I would say to the great visionary and rabbi, Rabbi Loeb. Rabbi Loeb attempted to conjure a savior and found instead the Golem. Golem - homunculous - the finding a messiah by carving one like Pinochio has been a constant theme of the "Silence of God" since, heightened by Bergman in his movies in the '50s here but always present - The Fantastic 4 is a Golem movie (Ben = "Son" is Golem in Fantastic 4) and the tv show Seinfeld is one as well. Frasier is a very interesting Quaternity; a full Quaternity with Psyche Woman - an English clairvoyant - finding the end of the English (Piscean) journey in Seattle; Frazier being the Son, and taking cue from the Hindu waitress in a Seattle coffee shop on the West Coast rather than the Irish drunk in the bar in Boston. Frasier is the True Son at journey's end (Pisces) and journey's beginning (Aquarius). He has thus changed his religion and spirit guide from its Irish source to its Indian source.

But Dracula has been the most prominent "absence of God" theme or Silence of God theme. When the tomb is opened - the earth's Unconscious - there is nothing there - there is only the "undead." Terror then appropriately lies in the Unconscious and only the conscious world and the world or artiface and ego pays rewards. In the movie Twilight - as per Frazier and maybe Kurt as well it is important that it is in Seattle (the New Jerusalem) - the vampires are not a non-Christ, an un-Christ an empty crypt where the Christ used to be or an anti-Christ, the vampires are once again gods, who glisten in the sunlight.

In a moment in the current movie, Edward, the "Son" vampire, identifies himself as "the lion" - the representative of the Christ to Christian, the Boddhisattva to Hindus and Buddhists and the Self to Surrealists. This is a movie about the awakening of the Unconscious and a vast group of 13 year olds identify with it; 25 million of the books have been sold. It marks a distinct change in the western trajectory and replaces Golem with a sparkling deity who tries to control his wrath and karma; an auspicious beginning, possibly the Aquarian beginning. (Academics are pressing hard for C.S. Lewis's lion to be the Christ but it is only the physical King of England and his imperial regents in America we wants. He has a witch in the closet and is merely the shadow karma of Tolkien who sensed the Mother direct. Tolkien said he did not like allegories.)

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  1. Nice post, Bernie. I just got back from seeing Twilight and definitely felt the power behind it.